Yoga in pregnancy keeps your joints flexible and help you maintain flexibility.

In addition, yoga strengthens your muscular system, stimulates your circulation and venous return from the legs, and helps you relax, and you can use the techniques practiced in class to stay calm and have a little more control during labor. Here are some benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

- Provides and maintains the elasticity body
- Maintains muscular agility
- Increases the chances of a natural birth and rapid recovery
- Relax your mind and keeps it quiet and balanced
- Help and controls breathing and circulation
- Avoid anxiety
- Reinforces the position
- Strengthens the spine
- Help to solve problems like swelling of feet and legs, back pains, etc.
- Provides security to the mother
- Improves mood
- Helps with digestion
- Promotes sleep
- Improved stress and
relieves fatigue